Simple yet delicious Japanese cuisine.

S&B products offer a delicious way to cook authentic Japanese flavour at home. Our signature Japanese curry range and wasabi are made for home cooks in their everyday meal.

Explore some of our authentic Japanese meal ideas below and get cooking!

Quick & Easy

Curry Roast Spatchcock using Air Fryer

A simple, delicious roast for two.

  2   75 mins

Agedashi Fish

A twist on the classic Japanese fried tofu dish.

  4   30 mins

Snapper Sashimi

A light, fresh summer starter.

  4   15 mins

Beef and Vegetables Curry Bolognaise

A Japanese twist on a midweek classic.

  4   30 mins

Curry Gyoza

Japanese potsticker pork dumplings.

  4   25 mins

Curry Tsukemen

Dipping ramen with curry broth.

  2   25 mins


Japanese rice balls with radish and bonito flakes.

  2   15 mins

Katsu Curry Don

Rich Japanese curry with a crunchy pork cutlet on rice.

  4   30 mins


Easy to make cone-style sushi.

  2   5 mins